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Technoplus IT Solutions is a Ugandan social impact company: whose vision is a fair and inclusive global agriculture market system. We were inspired by the advancement in financial inclusion, caused by the proliferation of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in low-income farming communities. However, this technology has not been widely adopted for information exchange in agriculture. Yet, availability of data holds an important key to unlocking farmers’ market opportunities, and lowering their risks –the managing of pests, weather and the prices of goods. We, at Technoplus, are proudly using this technology as the northern star leading these farming communities steadily out of poverty.

Company about

Our flagship technology, Agripoll, is enabling farmers, extension workers and key stakeholders to share pests and disease management information. In 2018, with support from Nesta UK and USAID, the solution was evolved and tested in Uganda: the tests were successfully carried out by the Technoplus team and CABI, an international NGO operating in Uganda. Furthermore, this innovation was selected to the finals of the Fall army worm Techprize by USAID’S Feed the future and 2018 Africacom awards in South Africa. Agripoll is currently empowering over 150,000 farmers in its scale up project -with a target of 1 Million farmers by 2020– with best-practice control methods, and awareness of pest and disease outbreaks.

Company about
Company about

Broad scale surveillance of crop pests and diseases.

Get comprehensive, real-time measures of what pests and disease are present, where, and how severe.

User centered design

Our solutions are designed with the end users in mind. Farmers, extension workers and all the stakeholders that support them access context specific information.

Big data insights

With artificial intelligence and natural language processing, we enable high level analytics of small holder farmer data to provide high quality insights.

Multi platform

Feature phones, smartphones, web platforms and electronic media (TV & Radio).



Dr. Silim M. Nahdy

African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS)
Executive Director

AgriPoll is significantly enhancing farmers’ access to ICT tools to enable farmers share information on the pest and make it possible for timely response.

Byantwale Stephen.

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and fisheries. Uganda
Commissioner for Crop Crotection.

We strongly see Agripoll as an excellent complimentary tool, and its addition to the available efforts against fall armyworm and other invasive pests, will be highly beneficial to all stake holders

Dr. John Bahana

Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO

Agripoll is significantly enhancing farmer’s capacity to timely share information on pests and make it possible for timely response by authorities.

Stephen Ecaat

Farm Radio International
Country Director

Agripoll provides optimal bandwidth within which Fall armyworm and other pests management options are delivered to farmers.

Key Team Members


Dr. Nakalema Shadia

Bsc Human Medicine
Co- Founder

A self-less medical professional with over 5 years of working with patients and families affected with HIV in Uganda. Shadia is also a dedicated and enthusiastic team lead, able to motivate teams to perform at their best in providing excellent service and developing ongoing, profitable client relationships.

Mahad Kateregga

Bsc Computer Science, MCSA

A Self-driven individual with over 5 years of experience in Information technology and project management in both for profit and non - profit organizations. He is an excellent adaptive team player with a strong believe in synergy.

Julius Ndhala

Bsc Computer Science
Project Manager

Julius has strong planning and facilitation skills; able to communicate effectively with all organizational levels, build relationships of trust and enlist the participation of team members. He also boosts 7 years of project management experience in Uganda and the United Kingdom

Awilli Harriet

Bsc Software Engineering
Software Developer

Over 5 years in software modeling and sofware design, Harriet is highly organized and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments; able to prioritize effectively to accomplish objectives with creativity, enthusiasm and alot of humor.

Key Support Team


Kiirya Joseph

Master of Micro-finance, Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Agriculture finance Consultant

Joseph is an economist with 11+ years specialty in micro finance and business products’ development. Joseph has worked in different capacities with financial systems support NGOs, commercial/development banks, microfinance institutions, co-operatives, saving schemes and area cooperatives in five sub-Saharan countries including Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia

Namyalo Florence

Legal Consultant

Florence has extended experience in constitutional and commercial law.

Nicholas Ssenabulya

ACCA, B.A Business Admnistration
Accounts Consultant

Nicholas has over six years’ experience providing accounting and advisory services in Uganda, Rwanda and the US. His experience is majorly from the not for profit, banking and educational sectors.

Francis Bizoza

B.A Education
Education Consultant

Francis, is a qualified teacher with a knack for social action, Francis has worked for UniTED, meeting with students leading projects. He’s also co-founded Teachers Empowerment Platform, an organisation which empowers Ugandan teachers to integrate ICT into their classroom..

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